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UWA Arts Union is the peak representative body for all undergraduate students studying Bachelor of Arts majors at the University of Western Australia.

We offer support in areas of education, social affairs, professional development, and welfare. 



President's Welcome


Bridget Long 

Hi there! Welcome to the Arts Union of the University of Western Australia’s homepage!
I’m Bridget, the president of the Union for 2023, great to meet you!
If you have just joined AU and want to know a little more about us, we are the student-led (and really only) representative body for every student studying a Bachelor of Arts and all other Arts majors, such as Law or PPE. We interact on behalf of the students with the School of Humanities, the School of Social Sciences, the UWA Student Guild Education Council, and more! This means that if you ever have a problem relating to staff behaviour, university regulations or changes, unit availability, or even just struggling with your studies, we’re here for you.
We were established in 1944 and have held regular events ever since such as the annual ball, sundowners, study nights and more. Our aim is to supplement the education you are engaged in with all the support, personal development opportunities, and fun that takes your degree from “just a degree” to a fuller, more well rounded experience that you can look back upon fondly. We do this through 4 primary portfolios in Education, Socials, Equity and Externals, check out our alternative faculty handbook to find out more about the portfolios to see if you might like to get involved with our events or the committee itself!
If you'd like to contribute to Arts Union's mission, feel free to get into contact with us so we can explore potential opportunities. Our prospectus is available on the sponsorship page. And if you're an Arts student at UWA looking to get involved, reach out to us on our Facebook page, sign up for a membership via the membership section at the top of the page, or come find us in the Arts Union Common Room in the arts building!
Hope to see you around soon,

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