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The UWA Arts Union is the peak representative body for all undergraduate students studying Arts at the University of Western Australia. Catering to over 6,000 undergraduates, the Arts Union is one of the biggest faculty societies in the State. Across 32 majors, our students study a broad range of topics, including political science, philosophy, languages, history, fine arts, music, psychology, archaeology and employment relations.

2021 version coming soon!

Alternative Faculty Handbook 2022.jpg


Alternative Faculty Handbook

The Alternative Faculty Handbook is a tradition stretching back to 1975, where the Arts Union committee comes together to deliver a welcome to incoming first-year students. The handbook is designed to ease the transition into university, and allow an insight into the workings of the Arts Union. It also provides important dates, useful contact information, a guide to transport, as well as the best spots on campus to eat, study and hang out!



At the Arts Union, we maintain a vivacious presence not only online through our socials, but also on campus through multiple events.

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